COVID 19 Tracker Live - Mobile App

Developed by Onebase - healthcare mobile app development company

The COVID Watch App is aimed at increasing awareness to start Quarantine process to avoid any further spread of the fatal COVID-19 virus. Application show daily reports from all the Indian states and in clean way it show statistics and chart visualizations. Our aim is to feed you with right information and make awareness of how the epidemic is effecting your locality. Onebase is healthcare mobile app development company in India and Covid 19 App is our one of free product for Indian users. Click here to get a quote for your Custom App, OneBase is one of best in North India among medical app development companies. OneBase guide you better with choosing a technology stack for your Web or mobile App development with best of 2020 tech trends.
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Version v1.0.0

COVID 19 Tracker App comes with following features:

  • Clean Dashboard with Live reports on Confirmed, Active, Recovered & Death.
  • App is developed In Multilingual feature, we provide label translation in English and Punjabi.
  • It Provide compare list for states, which include Confirmed, Active, Recovered & Death numbers among states.
  • A Visual graph for last 5 Days, it present day wise case study.
  • A Visual bar graph for how endemic expanding.

App Screenshots

Flash screen Main Dashboard screen in English Graph screen in English Guide screen Language change screen Main Dashboard screen in Punjabi Graph screen in Punjabi